29 fun facts for November, 28

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November 28th is filled with diverse events and celebrations, from the founding of the republic of Hawaii and the launch of Mariner 4, to French Toast Day and International Aura Awareness Day. History is marked by significant accomplishments in the fields of science, art, and communication, making it an important date that spans various aspects of human culture and achievement.
29 Fun facts
  1. On November 28, 1843, Ka Lahui, Hawaii's first newspaper, was published. It was written entirely in the Hawaiian language, increasing literacy rates in the community, and reporting on local and world news events.
  2. November 28th is recognized as French Toast Day, celebrated to enjoy the delicious breakfast dish made from bread, eggs, and milk or cream, often flavored with a variety of spices and topped with powdered sugar, fruit, or syrup.
  3. The shipwreck of the HMS Fury on November 28, 1825, had a significant impact on Arctic exploration. As a part of the British Naval Northwest Passage expedition led by Sir William Edward Parry, it became forever stuck in ice.
  4. On November 28, 1893, the Kingdom of Hawaii was officially recognized as a republic, ultimately leading to its annexation by the United States in 1898 and contributing to its modern cultural and political identity.
  5. International Aura Awareness Day is celebrated on November 28th. It aims to increase understanding and appreciation of human energy fields, offering a variety of events focused on aura study, meditation, and spiritual development.
  6. The first U.S. auto race, also known as the Chicago Times-Herald Race, occurred on November 28, 1895. Frank Duryea won, with his car reaching a top speed of about 7 miles per hour in the competition.
  7. On November 28, 1861, the Confederate States of America officially admitted Missouri, despite opposition from the Union government. This action raised significant questions about the legitimacy of both sides' claims on Missouri during the Civil War.
  8. The first Māori King is installed on November 28, 1858. Potatau Te Wherowhero officially became the first Māori Monarch in New Zealand chosen by the Māori chiefs in order to unite their tribes.
  9. Maurice Ravel's "Bolero," a one-movement orchestral piece, premiered on November 28, 1928, at the Paris Opera. It is one of the most famous works of classical music and has been used in numerous films and television shows.
  10. November 28, 1520, is the day Ferdinand Magellan's fleet entered the Pacific Ocean. Sailing through the 373-mile long Strait of Magellan, this expedition later became the first to circumnavigate the globe.
  11. The Grand Ole Opry, the longest-running radio broadcast in the United States, began with its first broadcast on November 28, 1925. Country music's legendary show has launched the careers of many stars, and remains a popular weekly live production.
  12. Irish dramatist and Nobel laureate W.B. Yeats' play "The Hour-Glass" premiered in London on November 28, 1914. It is a classic symbolist play that highlights worldly illusion, knowledge, and time.
  13. The first British No. 1 hit "Al Martino's Here In My Heart" achieved a milestone on November 28, 1952, when it reached the top spot of the UK Singles Chart, marking the beginning of the iconic music chart.
  14. On November 28, 1994, serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer met his end in a Wisconsin prison from a fellow inmate's attack. Dahmer was sentenced to life for the horrifying murder of 17 men and boys throughout a 13-year period.
  15. The international border between Chile and Argentina was declared on November 28, 1902, after both countries signed a treaty to establish the border, uniting the two South American countries in peace and cooperation.
  16. Harry Potter fans recognize November 28th as Hogwarts Day. This day marks the magical school's founding in the beloved series by J.K. Rowling, and fans celebrate by participating in various activities centered around the fictional universe.
  17. On November 28, 1660, the Royal Society, a prestigious British scientific organization, was formed. It has played a significant role in numerous scientific advancements and discoveries over the centuries, promoting research and development around the globe.
  18. In 1967, the first pulsar, a rapidly spinning neutron star emitting beams of electromagnetic radiation, was discovered by Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Antony Hewish on November 28th. The discovery earned Hewish the Nobel Prize in Physics, although Bell Burnell was controversially excluded.
  19. The release of the iconic animated movie "Toy Story" occurred on November 28, 1995. As the first feature-length film created by Pixar in partnership with Disney, it ushered in a new era of computer-animated feature films.
  20. November 28th marks the start of the Christian observance of Advent in some years. This time preceding Christmas focuses on four themes of hope, peace, joy, and love and serves as a period of spiritual preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus.
  21. On November 28, 1814, The Times of London became the first newspaper to use steam-powered printing presses, changing news production ultimately, and lowering costs and increasing reach as a result.
  22. In 1925, the famous three-color Mondrian painting "Composition with Red, Yellow, Blue, and Black” was completed on November 28th. It symbolizes the beginning of the artist's mature period and is an iconic work of abstract art.
  23. The 1876 American presidential election took place on November 28th, with Rutherford B. Hayes as the winner in one of the most contested elections in history. Samuel J. Tilden, his opponent, lost despite winning the popular vote.
  24. American jazz pianist and composer Randy Newman was born on November 28, 1943. Newman has achieved outstanding accomplishments throughout his long and varied career, including multiple Grammy and Academy Awards and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
  25. On November 28, 1964, the Mariner 4 spacecraft was launched by the United States as the first Mars flyby mission. It eventually captured stunning detailed images of the planet during its mission.
  26. "120 Beats Per Minute," a film depicting French activists working to raise AIDS awareness and support in the early 1990s, premiered on November 28, 2017. The heartfelt movie received critical acclaim and won prestigious awards, including the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival.
  27. November 28 is the feast day of Saint Catherine Laboure in the Roman Catholic Church. She was a French nun known for her visions of the Virgin Mary, which resulted in the Miraculous Medal's production.
  28. On November 28, 1987, a small group of South African Airways passengers flew on a record-breaking Boeing 747 jumbo jet dubbed "Maluti," from London to Sydney. This event marks the longest commercial flight distance ever, totaling over 11,000 miles.
  29. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave an inspiring speech on November 28, 1942, during World War II, sharing his plan for military and industrial integration between the United States and Britain to ensure victory.