32 fun facts for November, 27

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November 27th holds various events of historical and cultural significance, including the first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, the birth of important figures such as Robin Givens and Berry Gordy Jr., and scientific milestones such as the launch of the Mars Curiosity Rover. The first American automobile race, the beginning of the end for the Roman Republic, and the groundbreaking introduction of Darwin's "On the Origin of Species" also occurred on this date.
32 Fun facts
  1. November 27th is National Bavarian Cream Pie Day in the United States. People celebrate this creamy and delicious dessert, made with cooked custard, whipped cream, and a variety of flavors, such as chocolate, vanilla or fruit fillings, served in a pie crust.
  2. The first Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade took place on November 27, 1924. This event has become an annual tradition that attracts millions of spectators and is watched by audiences worldwide on television.
  3. November 27th, 1925, marks the birth of the Roman general and politician Tiberius Gracchus. He played a crucial role in the fall of the Roman Republic and was known for promoting the rights of ordinary citizens.
  4. On November 27, 1703, an unusual storm hit England, known as the Great Storm of 1703. It was the most severe storm ever recorded in the region, causing massive destruction and killing thousands of people.
  5. In 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his last will and testament on November 27, establishing the Nobel Prizes. These awards are presented annually in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace.
  6. Popular American actress and cultural icon, Robin Givens, was born on November 27, 1964. She is well-known for her roles in TV series like "Head of the Class" and "Ambitions" and films like "Boomerang" and "Head of State."
  7. The first American automobile race took place on November 27, 1895. The race was held in Chicago and had six participants, traveling 54 miles from Chicago to Evanston and back.
  8. On November 27th, 2008, the Salvation Army introduced the "digital kettle." It allowed donors to contribute with their bank cards, making it easier for them to donate towards the organization's charitable efforts.
  9. November 27th is National Family Health History Day in the United States. This day encourages families to discuss and learn about their genetic health history to make informed decisions about their health and well-being.
  10. On November 27th, 1995, Pixar Animation Studios released their first feature film, "Toy Story." It was the first feature film created entirely with computer-generated imagery and became a massive box-office success.
  11. American songwriter and producer, Berry Gordy Jr., was born on November 27, 1929. He founded the famous Motown Record Corporation, which launched the careers of numerous iconic artists like The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye.
  12. In 1971, Mariner 9, a NASA space probe, reached Mars on November 27, becoming the first spacecraft to orbit another planet.
  13. On November 27, 1835, the first US railroad to cross the Mississippi River opened. Dubbed the "Michigan Central," it connected Michigan and Illinois and played a vital role in the development of the American Midwest.
  14. In 2013, Disney's movie "Frozen" premiered on November 27, instantly becoming a worldwide sensation, winning two Academy Awards for Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature Film.
  15. American composer, Hoagy Carmichael, passed away on November 27, 1981. He was a prominent figure in American music and wrote many popular hits such as "Georgia on My Mind" and "Stardust."
  16. On November 27th, 1978, Harvey Milk, the first openly gay elected official in California, was assassinated alongside San Francisco Mayor George Moscone. Milk's life inspired the 2008 film "Milk," starring Sean Penn.
  17. In 1944, U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared November 27th "National Navy Day." It was to honor and celebrate the achievements of the United States Navy, but the date has since changed to October 27th.
  18. On November 27, 2011, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) rover, "Curiosity," was launched by NASA. Curiosity is still exploring Mars, providing valuable information regarding the red planet's climate, geology, and potential for life.
  19. On November 27, 1970, Pope Paul VI visited Manila, Philippines, marking the first papal visit to Asia.
  20. November 27, 1839, marked the birth of African American abolitionist and women's rights activist Sojourner Truth. She became a prominent figure in the fight to end slavery and campaigned for equal rights for women.
  21. On November 27, 1960, American professional basketball player, Reggie Lewis, was born. He played for the Boston Celtics in the NBA until his death in 1993.
  22. In 1783, the first manned untethered hot air balloon flight took place on November 27, a milestone in aviation history. Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d'Arlandes piloted the balloon, flying 5.5 miles in 25 minutes over Paris.
  23. Russian-American actor and ballet dancer, Alexander Godunov, died on November 27, 1995. He was known for his roles in movies such as "Witness" and "Die Hard" as well as his talent and charisma as a ballet dancer.
  24. On November 27, 1997, NASA launched the Sojourner rover, the first spacecraft to explore the surface of Mars.
  25. Charles Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species" was published on November 27, 1859. It introduced the concept of evolution through natural selection, revolutionizing biology and the understanding of the natural world.
  26. November 27th is National Craft Jerky Day in the United States, celebrating the art of making and enjoying high-quality beef jerky.
  27. On November 27, 2004, Pope John Paul II returned the relics of Saint John Chrysostom and Saint Gregory Nazianzen to the Eastern Orthodox Church, symbolizing the ongoing dialogue and efforts towards unity between Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.
  28. On November 27, 221 BC, Qin Shi Huang, also known as the First Emperor of China, ascended the throne after unifying the Warring States under a single imperial rule.
  29. November 27, 1839, marks the birth of American abolitionist and suffragist, Louisa May Alcott. She is most famous for her novel "Little Women," which remains a beloved classic.
  30. On November 27, 1965, an Anti-Vietnam War March took place in Washington, D.C., with around 35,000 protesters gathering to show their opposition to the war.
  31. In 1960, the classic British comedy "Beyond the Fringe" premiered on November 27, launching the careers of famous comedians such as Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, and Alan Bennett.
  32. On November 27, 1999, American professional boxer, Evander Holyfield, defeated Lennox Lewis in a controversial decision to win the heavyweight boxing championship.