39 fun facts for September, 7

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September 7th is marked by various significant events, including the historic Brazilian Independence Day, the founding of Google, and the US flag being nicknamed Old Glory. This day is also recognized for various celebrations like the Feast of Saint Gratus in Italy, National Salami Day in the United States, and Estonia's Restoration of Independence Day.
39 Fun facts
  1. On September 7th, 1822, Brazil declared its independence from Portugal after three centuries of colonial rule. Pedro I, son of Portuguese King Dom João VI, proclaimed the independence, leading to a new era for Brazil.
  2. Google was incorporated as a privately held company on September 7th, 1998. The search engine giant was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were PhD students at Stanford University in California.
  3. The Marquis de Lafayette, a French aristocrat and military officer, died on September 7th, 1834. He played a key role in the American Revolutionary War by aiding the American colonies in their fight against the British Empire.
  4. The Feast of Saint Gratus is celebrated on September 7th in Aosta, Italy. He is the patron saint of the city and is invoked against storms, hail, lightning, and to protect vineyards.
  5. US President William McKinley was shot on September 7th, 1901, during a visit to the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo, New York. He died eight days later, succumbing to his wounds.
  6. On September 7th, 1936, the last known Thylacine, also known as the Tasmanian tiger, died in captivity at the Hobart Zoo in Tasmania, Australia. The species is now considered extinct.
  7. September 7th is National Threatened Species Day in Australia. Held annually since 1996, the day aims to raise awareness about the plight of Australia's unique endangered wildlife and aims to promote conservation efforts.
  8. On September 7th, 1948, the World Health Organization ("WHO") Regional Committee for Africa was established. It was the first-ever regional committee meeting held by the WHO, aiming to improve health standards across the African continent.
  9. September 7th is also known as Brazilian Independence Day or "Sete de Setembro". The day is a public holiday in Brazil, celebrating its independence from Portugal with various parades and events throughout the country.
  10. The first-ever Miss America pageant took place on September 7th, 1921, in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The event was created to extend the summer tourist season and has since become an annual tradition.
  11. On September 7th, 1952, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) began its first-ever television broadcast, bringing TV programs to Canadians for the first time.
  12. The European Heritage Days, a cultural event held across Europe, often begin on September 7th. The event aims to promote European heritage and culture through a range of engaging activities and experiences.
  13. On September 7th, 1963, the Pro Football Hall of Fame was dedicated in Canton, Ohio, paying tribute to the legends of American professional football.
  14. The Beatles' first single, "Love Me Do," was recorded at EMI Studios (now Abbey Road Studios) in London on September 7th, 1962. The song became a hit and marked the start of the band's legendary career.
  15. On September 7th, 1979, ESPN (Entertainment and Sports Programming Network) was launched in the United States, providing 24-hour sports coverage and forever changing the landscape of sports entertainment.
  16. The Swiss town of Morcote celebrates the annual Grape Festival on September 7th. The event showcases local wine, food, music, and dancing while visitors learn about the region's rich winemaking history.
  17. September 7th is National Salami Day in the United States. This day honors the popular cured sausage by encouraging people to enjoy various dishes featuring salami.
  18. On September 7th, 1940, the Buckingham Palace in London was bombed during the Blitz of World War II. The royal family was in residence at the time but were unharmed.
  19. British television show "The X Factor" premiered on September 7th, 2004. Created by Simon Cowell, the talent competition has since become a global phenomenon, spawning numerous international versions.
  20. On September 7th, 1813, the United States nicknamed its flag "Old Glory" for the first time. This moniker, given by sea captain William Driver, has since become synonymous with the American flag.
  21. September 7th is National Acorn Squash Day in the United States. This day encourages people to appreciate and enjoy the acorn squash, a popular and versatile autumn vegetable.
  22. On September 7th, 1977, the United States and Panama signed the Torrijos-Carter Treaties, which would eventually lead to the transfer of the Panama Canal from U.S. to Panamanian control in 1999.
  23. Queen Elizabeth II, on September 7th, 1964, inaugurated the Forth Road Bridge spanning across the Firth of Forth in Scotland. At the time, it was the longest suspension bridge outside of the United States.
  24. September 7th is National Grandma Moses Day in the United States. The day honors folk artist Anna Mary Robertson Moses, known as Grandma Moses, who began her painting career in her late 70s.
  25. On September 7th, 1978, French tennis player Amélie Mauresmo was born. Mauresmo has won multiple Grand Slam titles and is a former World No. 1.
  26. Estonia Restoration of Independence Day, which is a public holiday, is celebrated on September 7th, marking the country's independence from the Soviet Union in the context of the August 1991 coup attempt.
  27. On September 7th, 1911, French aviation pioneer Charles Terres Weymann won the inaugural Gordon Bennett Trophy, flying a Nieuport monoplane.
  28. September 7th is National Beer Lover's Day in the United States, a day to celebrate the appreciation for various breweries, beers, and homebrewers.
  29. On September 7th, 1906, German inventor Albert Niemann patented the safety razor, revolutionizing the way men shaved and grooming habits.
  30. On September 7th, 1976, on his way to safety, Emperor Haile Selassie's remains were discovered after being buried under a toilet by the military junta that overthrew him in Ethiopia.
  31. The Feast of Saint Regina, a 3rd-century Christian martyr, is celebrated on September 7th in the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches.
  32. On September 7th, 1986, the Oprah Winfrey Show began its nationally syndicated television run in the United States, becoming one of the most successful talk shows in history.
  33. On September 7th, 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas, Nevada, dying six days later from his injuries.
  34. September 7th is National Buy a Priest a Beer Day in the United States, a day to show appreciation for the hard work and spiritual guidance provided by priests.
  35. On September 7th, 1896, the 1st British Ladies Amateur golf championship was held at Royal Lytham & St Annes Golf Club in England.
  36. On September 7th, 1927, American inventor Philo Farnsworth demonstrated the first successful transmission of an electronic image, leading the way to the development of the television.
  37. September 7th is World Duchenne Awareness Day, established to raise global awareness about Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a severe form of muscular dystrophy that affects thousands of children worldwide.
  38. On September 7th, 1943, psychologist Carl Gustav Jung introduced the concept of "synchronicity" – a coincidence with a meaningful connection – in a lecture in Zurich, Switzerland.
  39. September 7th is National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day in the United States, a day that encourages children to learn about cooking and meal planning by preparing a meal for their family.