24 fun facts for September, 22

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September 22nd is filled with fascinating historical events, celebrations, and milestones, such as the end of the Salem Witch Trials, the premieres of beloved TV shows like "Friends" and "NYPD Blue," and environmental awareness through World Rhino Day and National Elephant Appreciation Day. Additionally, it embraces literature and fandom with "Hobbit Day" and gastronomic delights with National Ice Cream Cone Day.
24 Fun facts
  1. In 1598, on September 22nd, playwright Ben Jonson was indicted for manslaughter due to his involvement in a duel. He was later pardoned by pleading "benefit of clergy," which allowed him to escape a harsher punishment.
  2. September 22nd, 1692, marked the end of the Salem Witch Trials when the last eight people were hanged. This tragic event in American history saw 20 people executed and over 200 accused of practicing witchcraft.
  3. On September 22nd, 1761, Britain's King George III and Queen Charlotte were crowned in a ceremony held at Westminster Abbey. George III's reign lasted 59 years, making him the third-longest reigning British monarch at the time.
  4. September 22nd is a notable day for legendary musician John Lennon, as he first met his future wife Yoko Ono at Indica Art Gallery in London in 1966. They married three years later and became a significant partnership within the music industry and the peace movement.
  5. In 1975, on September 22nd, US President Gerald Ford survived an assassination attempt by Sara Jane Moore in San Francisco. Moore was a former FBI informant who fired a shot at the president but was quickly apprehended by a bystander.
  6. September 22nd, 1980, marks the beginning of the Iran-Iraq War, a brutal conflict that resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands and lasted nearly eight years. Today, this war is remembered as one of the deadliest conflicts in recent history.
  7. On September 22nd, 1993, the groundbreaking television show "NYPD Blue" premiered on ABC. The show was known for its realistic portrayal of police work and ran for 12 seasons, earning multiple accolades and awards throughout its time.
  8. September 22nd is World Rhino Day, celebrated to raise awareness for the conservation efforts of the five remaining species of rhinoceros. This day encourages global support and protection of these endangered giants, highlighting their importance in maintaining balanced ecosystems.
  9. In 1994, on September 22nd, the popular sitcom "Friends" premiered on NBC. The show featured a group of friends living in New York City and became a massive success, lasting ten seasons and garnering numerous awards.
  10. September 22nd, 2004, marks the premiere of the critically acclaimed television show "Lost." The series presented a unique blend of mystery, adventure, and science fiction, captivating viewers for six engaging seasons.
  11. On September 22nd, 2011, "The Big Bang Theory," a popular American sitcom, premiered its fifth season. The show focuses on a group of intellectual yet socially awkward friends and has an extensive fan base, lasting 12 seasons.
  12. September 22nd is International Day of Radiant Peace, a day to celebrate the universal desire for peace and understanding in the world. This day encourages individuals to create harmony between people and cultures through various projects and events.
  13. In 1920, on September 22nd, a major-league baseball game was broadcast on the radio for the first time. KDKA, a radio station in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, aired their local team's match against the Philadelphia Phillies.
  14. September 22nd, 1955, marked the first broadcast of Independent Television (ITV) in the United Kingdom. ITV became the first commercial television network, providing an alternative to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
  15. On September 22nd, an important event in space exploration, Mars Climate Orbiter, was declared lost due to a navigation error in 1999. The spacecraft had been intended to study the Martian climate and atmosphere and to serve as a communications relay.
  16. September 22nd, 1914, marks the first victory of a submarine when a German U-boat sank three British cruisers in the North Sea. This event has come to be known as the "Live Bait Squadron" incident and highlighted the importance of submarine warfare in WWI.
  17. On September 22nd, 1979, a still-unexplained event known as the "Vela Incident" took place. US satellite Vela 6911 detected a double-flash of light in the South Atlantic, leading to speculations of an undeclared nuclear test, though this claim has never been verified.
  18. September 22nd is National Elephant Appreciation Day in the United States. This day was created in 1996 to draw attention to the threatened status of elephants and to celebrate and show support for these gentle giants.
  19. On September 22nd, 1985, the first "Farm Aid" concert took place in Champaign, Illinois. The event was organized by Willie Nelson, Neil Young, and John Mellencamp to raise money for American family farmers and increase awareness for their importance in our society.
  20. September 22nd is National Ice Cream Cone Day in the United States. The origin of the ice cream cone dates back to the early 1900s, and this sweet treat continues to be a favorite among dessert lovers all over the world.
  21. On September 22nd, 2003, the Galileo spacecraft, after a 14-year mission, was intentionally crashed into Jupiter to avoid contaminating its moons. The spacecraft had been launched in 1989 and discovered evidence of subsurface saltwater on Jupiter's moon, Europa.
  22. September 22nd is also known as "Hobbit Day," as it celebrates the birthdays of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, two main characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved books, "The Hobbit" and "The Lord of the Rings." Fans of the novels and movies use this day to celebrate with themed events and gatherings.
  23. In 1965, on September 22nd, the Tom and Jerry cartoon, "Cannery Rodent," premiered. The animation duo of Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse has provided decades of entertainment and slapstick humor, originating in 1940 and continuing to capture the imagination of audiences today.
  24. September 22nd marks the end of World Water Monitoring Day, a global event that runs from March 22nd to September 22nd, focusing on preserving water resources through monitoring and assessment. This day encourages and empowers people to conduct basic water quality monitoring in their communities.