26 fun facts for September, 13

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September 13th is a day filled with history, innovation, and celebration. From the launch of Luna 2 to the release of Super Mario Bros, and from celebrating International Chocolate Day to raising awareness for prostate cancer, this date continues to leave its mark on history.
26 Fun facts
  1. In 1959, Luna 2 became the first man-made object to reach the Moon after being launched by the Soviet Union. This marked a major milestone in the space race between the USSR and the United States.
  2. On September 13th, 1985, Super Mario Bros. was released in Japan. The game would go on to become a worldwide phenomenon, selling millions of copies and launching the career of its protagonist, Mario.
  3. International Chocolate Day is celebrated on September 13th. This sweet day honors the creation and appreciation of chocolate, one of the world's favorite treats for thousands of years.
  4. National Peanut Day is observed in the United States on September 13th. This day celebrates the popular legume that has been a staple in American diets for generations.
  5. September 13th, 1857, saw the first-ever aerial warfare when balloons were used in the French and Austrian battle during the Battle of Solferino.
  6. Cleopatra's Needle, a 3,000-year-old ancient Egyptian obelisk, arrived in New York City from Alexandria, Egypt on September 13th, 1880.
  7. In 1948, on September 13th, Margaret Chase Smith became the first woman to be elected to the US Senate, representing Maine.
  8. September 13th, 1969, is the debut of Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, a popular children's mystery and adventure television show that is still beloved today.
  9. On September 13th, 2008, Detroit Lions kicker Jason Hanson set an NFL record by kicking 17 field goals from 50 yards or longer in a single season.
  10. On this day in 1993, the Oslo Accords were signed between Israel and Palestine, marking their mutual recognition and laying the groundwork for future peace efforts.
  11. In 1814, the poem that would become the United States' national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, was written by Francis Scott Key after witnessing the British bombardment of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.
  12. Prostate Cancer Awareness Month is observed throughout September, making September 13th a key date for promoting awareness, fundraising, and advocacy.
  13. The first recorded game of baseball in the United States was played in New York City on September 13th, 1845.
  14. September 13th, 1942, was the day conductor Arthur Fiedler led the Boston Pops for the first-ever Symphony on the Green concert, a precursor to what is now known as Tanglewood.
  15. Swami Vivekananda, an Indian Hindu monk and philosopher, passed away on September 13th, 1902.
  16. In 1981, the first Heritage Open Days were organized in England to encourage historical preservation and awareness.
  17. On September 13th, 1857, Milton S. Hershey, the founder of The Hershey Company and creator of the iconic chocolate bar, was born.
  18. Children's author Roald Dahl was born on September 13th, 1916, and his birthday is now celebrated as Roald Dahl Day.
  19. Tennis legend Billie Jean King was born on September 13th, 1943. She is widely recognized as one of the greatest tennis players of all time.
  20. The first commercially successful typewriter was patented in the United States by George Blickensderfer on September 13th, 1892.
  21. On September 13th, 1996, rapper Tupac Shakur died as a result of a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is regarded as one of the most influential rappers of all time.
  22. In 1993, The X-Files, a popular science fiction television series, debuted in the United States on September 13th.
  23. Gideon Sundback, the inventor of the modern zipper, was granted a US patent for his invention on September 13th, 1913.
  24. New Zealand's South Island elected Elizabeth Yates as the first female mayor in the British Empire on September 13th, 1893.
  25. On September 13th, 1948, the first use of a forklift in a warehouse was documented in the United States.
  26. In 1970, the first New York City Marathon was held on September 13th, with only 127 participants. Today, the event attracts over 50,000 runners.