24 fun facts for August, 18

Discover dozens of fun facts for this special day. Read the summary for a quick recap on what happened.
August 18th is packed with fun facts, including National Fajita Day, Women's Equality Day, and National Pinot Noir Day. Some notable historical events took place on this date, such as the first Beatles' performance, the discovery of Helium, and the formation of the Non-Aligned Movement.
24 Fun facts
  1. August 18th is National Fajita Day in the United States, which celebrates the delicious Tex-Mex dish made from marinated sliced meat, grilled peppers, and onions, all served on a warm tortilla. This day encourages everyone to enjoy this tasty dish in various forms and flavors.
  2. National Mail Order Catalog Day is also celebrated on August 18th in the United States. This day recognizes the innovation and importance of mail-order catalogs in the history of American retail and consumer culture. It honors the impact that mail-order catalogs have had on the lives of many people.
  3. August 18th, 1920 marks the day when the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified, granting women the right to vote. This important milestone in the fight for equal suffrage is celebrated annually, remembering the long battle women endured to achieve voting rights.
  4. In 1960, the Beatles gave their first public performance as a group at the Indra Club in Hamburg, Germany. This performance is considered a pivotal moment in the band's history, paving the way for their eventual global success and iconic status.
  5. August 18th is Serendipity Day. The word "serendipity" refers to the occurrence of unexpected, fortunate events, and the day encourages people to embrace surprises, coincidences, and happy accidents that may come their way.
  6. On August 18th, 1958, Vladimir Nabokov's controversial novel "Lolita" was published in the United States for the first time. Despite its initial criticism, the book has since achieved significant acclaim and has become a classic work of literature.
  7. In 1868, French astronomer Pierre Janssen discovered the chemical element Helium as he observed a total solar eclipse in India. This significant discovery eventually led to greater understanding and utilization of this vital, non-renewable resource.
  8. August 18th is Bad Poetry Day, a humorous day when people are encouraged to write and share terrible poetry. This day recognizes that not all poetry has to be profound, and that some of the best creations come from embracing imperfection and hilarity.
  9. On August 18th, 1959, a tropical storm turned into what would become Hurricane Camille, one of the strongest storms in Atlantic hurricane history. The storm caused significant destruction across the Gulf Coast of the United States and generated a renewed focus on hurricane preparedness and research.
  10. In 1941, renowned animator Walt Disney and his team set off on a goodwill tour through Latin America, a trip that would inspire some of Disney's most iconic and culturally significant films and characters, such as José Carioca and Saludos Amigos.
  11. August 18th is National Pinot Noir Day, a day that celebrates the popular red wine varietal often associated with fruity and earthy flavors. Wine lovers around the world are encouraged to partake in a glass of Pinot Noir and learn more about this delicious grape variety.
  12. On August 18th, 1868, the first patent application for a typewriter was submitted by American inventor Christopher Latham Sholes. The invention of the typewriter had a significant impact on communication, journalism, and the way we share information today.
  13. August 18th, 1834 marks the start of the Non-Aligned Movement, an international organization founded to ensure that countries maintained their independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. The movement continues to play a crucial role in global politics and peacekeeping efforts today.
  14. In 1927, the Peace Bridge connecting Buffalo, New York and Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada opened to the public on August 18th. The bridge serves as a vital link between the United States and Canada and is an important symbol of friendship between the two nations.
  15. August 18th is National Homeless Animals Day, which raises awareness about the plight of homeless animals and encourages people to adopt or donate to their local animal shelters. This day is dedicated to finding a forever home for every homeless pet.
  16. On August 18th, 1587, Virginia Dare became the first person of British descent born in the New World, in the Roanoke Island colony. This historical event paved the way for the British colonization of America and the eventual formation of the United States.
  17. August 18th, 1930 is the day when Clarence Birdseye received the patent for the quick-freezing method of ephemerals, a technique that would revolutionize the way food is preserved and consumed. This innovation gave birth to the modern frozen food industry.
  18. In 1850, Edward L. Youmans founded Scientific American, a popular science magazine that debuted on August 18th. This publication has a long history of highlighting scientific advances and continues to be an important source of information for the public today.
  19. August 18th is International Geocaching Day, which celebrates the popular outdoor activity of searching for hidden containers called geocaches using GPS devices. Geocaching enthusiasts use this day as an opportunity to explore new areas and revel in the spirit of adventure.
  20. On August 18th, 1938, Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicated the Thousand Islands Bridge connecting the United States and Canada. This event strengthened the partnership between the two countries and became yet another symbol of their close relationship.
  21. August 18th is World Daffodil Day, a day that celebrates these beautiful flowers and their symbolic ties to the arrival of spring. This day is observed in various ways such as planting daffodil bulbs or giving daffodils to loved ones.
  22. In 2016, the United States National Park Service celebrated its 100th anniversary on August 18th. Established in 1916, the agency works to preserve and care for America's national parks, monuments, and other significant sites for the enjoyment of future generations.
  23. August 18th is National Ice Cream Pie Day, a delicious day when people indulge in a chilled, creamy pie version of a popular dessert. This day encourages everyone to enjoy this refreshing treat and experiment with different flavors and combinations.
  24. On August 18th, 1939, the stage play “The Time of Your Life” premiered in New York City. Written by William Saroyan, the play was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and went on to become a successful and enduring work in American theater.