35 fun facts for May, 8

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May 8th is notable for marking several national and international days, such as World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day, and the victory in Europe Day. Historical events of significance include the creation of the U.S. military draft in 1792, the serving of the first Coca-Cola in 1886, the first jet airliner's passenger service in 1952, and the release of The Beatles' final album, "Let It Be," in 1970.
35 Fun facts
  1. On May 8, 1792, the United States Congress created the U.S. military draft in response to the need for a standing army. It became the first time in American history that ordinary citizens were legally required to serve in the armed forces.
  2. May 8 marks the National Teachers Day in Colombia. Teachers are celebrated and shown appreciation for their work and contributions to society. This date was chosen in honor of the great teacher María Terreros de Abellar.
  3. On May 8, 1886, the first Coca-Cola was served at Jacobs' Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. The beverage was initially marketed as a tonic to cure fatigue, headaches, and other ailments. Over time, it evolved into the popular soft drink we know today.
  4. May 8 is celebrated as World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day. This date marks the birthday of the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant. The day aims to recognize the humanitarian work carried out by the organization and its volunteers worldwide.
  5. On May 8, 1915, American industrialist and inventor Reginald A. Fessenden designed the first working prototype of an electrically powered refrigerated truck. These vehicles revolutionized the way perishable goods were transported, paving the way for modern refrigeration methods.
  6. May 8, 1945, is also known as Victory in Europe (VE) Day. The day marks the official end of World War II in Europe, following the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany to the Allied Forces. Celebrations and events around the world remember this historical day.
  7. On May 8, 1952, the world's first jet airliner, the Havilland Comet, began passenger service. The British-built aircraft became a symbol of progress in commercial aviation, leading to the development of modern jet airliners that we use today.
  8. On May 8, 1961, the first practical telescopic sight for firearms was patented by telescope manufacturer and inventor Christopher Riegel. This invention improved accuracy and targeting by allowing shooters to magnify their target and aim more precisely.
  9. May 8 is observed as National Coconut Cream Pie Day in the United States. Fans of this beloved dessert celebrate the day by preparing and enjoying the delicious pie, often involving sharing recipes and pictures on social media.
  10. On May 8, 1970, The Beatles released their final studio album, "Let It Be." The album features some of the band's most enduring hits, like "Let It Be," "The Long and Winding Road," and "Get Back."
  11. International Permaculture Day is celebrated on or around May 8 each year. This global event celebrates sustainable farming and eco-awareness, showcasing the benefits of using permaculture principles to protect our environment and produce healthy, nutritious food.
  12. On May 8, 1973, the first successful lung transplant was performed by Dr. Vaughan on a patient with pulmonary fibrosis. This pioneering surgery laid the foundations for modern lung transplant procedures and saved countless lives.
  13. On May 8, 1999, Nancy Mace became the first female cadet to graduate from The Citadel, a military college in South Carolina. Her achievement broke centuries of tradition and marked a major milestone for women in the United States military.
  14. May 8 is National Have A Coke Day in the United States. Coca-Cola enthusiasts celebrate the day by enjoying their favorite beverage and by sharing pictures and stories on social media platforms.
  15. On May 8, 2013, the World Health Organization declared Saudi Arabia free from the SARS virus. The country was declared virus-free after 11 years of containment efforts, marking a significant milestone in global public health.
  16. May 8 is celebrated as the Day of the Finnish Identity in Finland. This day is a tribute to two prominent Finnish historical figures: national poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg and statesman Johan Vilhelm Snellman.
  17. On May 8, 1541, Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto claims for the Spanish crown the territory that would later be called Florida in the United States. He named it La Florida after Juan Ponce de León who had tried to colonize it a few years earlier.
  18. May 8 was once commonly observed as Lady Day in the United Kingdom. This day marked the beginning of the New Year under the Julian calendar, which was in use in the UK until 1752.
  19. On May 8, 1819, famous English poet Lord Byron swims across the Hellespont. Now known as the Dardanelles Strait in Turkey, the swim was a 4-mile journey commemorated in Byron's poem "To the Hellespont."
  20. May 8, 1889, is the birthdate of pioneering American dancer and choreographer Martha Graham. Regarded as one of the most influential figures in modern dance, she founded the Martha Graham Dance Company in New York City.
  21. On May 8, 1901, the first automobile race in Japan took place in Osaka. The race was won by a French Darracq car driven by a Belgian chauffeur named Urbain.
  22. May 8, 1933, marked the first day of the New Deal programs in the United States. President Franklin D. Roosevelt's ambitious economic policies aimed to mitigate the effects of the Great Depression.
  23. On May 8, 1957, the final Laurel and Hardy comedy, "Flying Deuces," was released in theaters. Famous comedians Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were a popular comedic duo known for their slapstick humor.
  24. May 8 is Mother's Day in South Korea. South Koreans commemorate mothers and motherhood by giving gifts, having special meals, and spending time with family.
  25. On May 8, 1978, Naomi James became the first woman to sail solo around the world via the Cape Horn route. The New Zealand sailor completed her journey in 272 days, breaking the previous record set by Sir Francis Chichester.
  26. May 8 is White Lotus Day, a Theosophical holiday celebrating the life of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the Theosophical Society. Theosophists honor her teachings and contributions to the expansion of human knowledge and spirituality.
  27. On May 8, 1990, the first episode of "The Jerry Springer Show" was aired. The controversial and often sensational talk show featured host Jerry Springer navigating a chaotic mix of confrontational guests and scandalous topics.
  28. May 8 is Iris Day, an informal holiday honoring the beautiful iris flower. Although it does not have a fixed date, many gardening enthusiasts celebrate this day around May 8 when iris blooms tend to be at their peak.
  29. On May 8, 2004, Niazi Qala, a fortress dating back to the 5th century, was completely destroyed by an earthquake in Afghanistan. It was one of the region's most famous ancient sites, and its loss was a significant cultural blow.
  30. May 8 is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day in the United States. This day serves to remind pet owners of the importance of creating a disaster plan for their furry friends in case of emergencies, such as storms, fires, or floods.
  31. On May 8, 1958, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered federal troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce the integration of public schools. This order marked a landmark moment in the civil rights movement and the end of segregation in American public education.
  32. May 8 is the Feast Day of Julian of Norwich, an English Christian mystic, and theologian. Julian was an important figure during the late Middle Ages and is known for her profound spiritual revelations which were recorded in her book "The Showings."
  33. On May 8, 1993, Lennox Lewis defeated Tony Tucker to win the World Boxing Council Heavyweight Championship. Lewis, a British-Canadian boxer, became the first British fighter to hold the title in nearly a century.
  34. May 8 is celebrated as National Outdoor Intercourse Day in the Netherlands. This annual event encourages couples to enjoy intimate moments with their partners in nature, promoting openness and sexual health.
  35. On May 8, 1987, Pulitzer Prize-winning American playwright August Wilson's "Fences" won the Tony Award for Best Play. Fences tells the gripping story of an African-American family in 1950s Pittsburgh, and explores themes of race, identity, and dreams deferred.