24 fun facts for December, 15

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December 15th marks a variety of important events, such as the adoption of the US Bill of Rights in 1791, the birth of French engineer Gustave Eiffel, and International Tea Day. It is also a day to remember the declassification of homosexuality as a mental disorder in 1973 and celebrate literary adaptations with the first stage production of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" in 1937.
24 Fun facts
  1. On December 15th, 1791, the United States adopted the Bill of Rights, which is the first ten amendments to the US Constitution. These amendments grant and protect various individual rights and freedoms.
  2. In 1859, on this day, the zoetrope, an early motion-picture device, was patented by William Lincoln in the United States. The zoetrope produces the illusion of motion using a sequence of still images.
  3. December 15th, 1851, marks the birth of Charles Duryea, an American engineer, and inventor. Along with his brother, Frank, they developed the first gasoline-powered automobile in the United States.
  4. In 1903, on this day, the British-Indian scientist, Homi Bhabha was born. He led a significant role in the development of India's nuclear program and is known as the "father of Indian nuclear science."
  5. On December 15th, 1966, the popular American film producer, director, screenwriter, and entrepreneur, Walt Disney, passed away. Disney has a lasting legacy in American popular culture and founded the Walt Disney Company.
  6. In 1970, on this day, the Soviet spacecraft Venera 7 became the first human-made object to land on another planet, Venus, and transmit data back to Earth.
  7. Born on December 15th, 1942, is the guitarist and songwriter, Dave Clark. He made a name for himself as the leader of the successful British rock band, The Dave Clark Five.
  8. On this day in 1928, the famed American performance artist, composer, and musician, Harry Partch was born. He invented his unique musical instruments and developed a music-theater philosophy called "corporeal."
  9. December 15th is International Tea Day. The day was initiated by trade unions in tea-producing countries such as India, Kenya, and Bangladesh to highlight the difficulties faced by workers in the tea industry.
  10. In 1965, on this day, Gemini 6A, a manned spaceflight in NASA's Gemini program, was launched. The spacecraft, piloted by astronauts Wally Schirra and Thomas Stafford, performed the first crewed space rendezvous.
  11. Born on December 15th, 1832, was the French engineer, Gustave Eiffel. He is best known for designing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, and the framework of the Statue of Liberty in New York, United States.
  12. On December 15th, 2000, the third and final reactor of the notorious Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine was shut down, following the devastating nuclear accident in 1986.
  13. December 15th is Lemon Cupcake Day, a fun food holiday that encourages everyone to indulge in a delicious lemon-flavored cupcake to celebrate.
  14. In 1973, on this day, the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality as a mental disorder, marking a significant change in the understanding and acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community.
  15. On this day in 1256, the famed Persian poet, Rumi, was born. Rumi is celebrated as one of history's greatest poets and spiritual teachers, with his works still influencing literature and culture today.
  16. December 15th, 1944, marks the last sighting of the American bandleader and composer, Glenn Miller. He is presumed to have died in a plane crash over the English Channel during World War II.
  17. In 1948, on this day, Alger Hiss was indicted for perjury. Hiss was a US government official accused of spying for the Soviet Union, which played into the anti-communist hysteria of the time.
  18. December 15th, 2001, marks the birth of Billie Eilish, a popular American singer-songwriter. She has won numerous music awards, such as the Grammy Awards, and is known for her unique voice and dark pop sound.
  19. On this day in 1961, former Nazi SS officer, Adolf Eichmann, was sentenced to hang after being found guilty of war crimes. His trial was the first to be publicly broadcast worldwide.
  20. December 15th is National Wreaths Across America Day in the United States. Each year, volunteers gather to lay wreaths to honor veterans buried in cemeteries across the country.
  21. In 1937, on this day, the first stage production of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Hobbit" took place. It was the start of many adaptations of Tolkien's work, which eventually included successful films.
  22. Born on December 15th, 1852, was the French physicist, Henri Becquerel. He discovered radioactivity and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 for his work.
  23. On this day in 2001, the grand opening of the Leaning Tower of Pisa took place after 11 years of stabilization efforts to save the tower from collapse.
  24. December 15th is Cat Herders Day, a day devoted to celebrating those who manage difficult tasks, work in chaotic environments, or have an overwhelming workload.