28 fun facts for November, 10

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November 10th is a day filled with intriguing historical events, birthdays, and celebrations. From the founding of the US Marine Corps to the birth of renowned individuals such as Martin Luther and David Schwimmer, this day has a little something for everyone. Celebrations like Sesame Street Day, National Vanilla Cupcake Day, and Domino Day bring joy to many.
28 Fun facts
  1. Sesame Street Day: November 10th is celebrated as Sesame Street Day, a global educational children's television show that first aired on this day in 1969. The show has since reached millions of children worldwide featuring popular characters like Big Bird, Elmo, and Oscar the Grouch.
  2. Martin Luther's Ninety-Five Theses: On November 10th, 1483, Martin Luther was born. He was a significant figure during the Protestant Reformation, known for posting his Ninety-five Theses on the door of All Saints' Church in 1517.
  3. National Vanilla Cupcake Day: November 10th is National Vanilla Cupcake Day in the United States. It is the perfect time to enjoy a tasty treat by baking and sharing delicious vanilla cupcakes with friends and family.
  4. Formation of the US Marine Corps: On November 10th, 1775, the United States Marine Corps was established by the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, playing a significant role in the nation's military history.
  5. World Science Day for Peace and Development: November 10th is observed as World Science Day for Peace and Development, aimed at highlighting the role of science in society and garnering support for the scientific endeavor.
  6. Birth of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin: The great Russian writer Alexander Pushkin was born on November 10th (Old Style), 1799. He is considered the founder of modern Russian literature.
  7. Birth of American Inventor John Stith Pemberton: John S. Pemberton, the creator of Coca-Cola, was born on November 10th, 1831. He was an American pharmacist who developed the formula for Coca-Cola in 1886.
  8. Wandering Library of Maple: In 1970, on November 10th, the Wandering Library of Maple was established in Vaughan, a Canadian city. The library was designed in response to the growing population's demand for library services.
  9. The Great Boston Fire of 1872: On November 10th, 1872, the Great Boston Fire began, lasting for two days and causing a devastating loss of property in the city.
  10. China's Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence: On November 10th, 1957, China's Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence were proposed during the Afro-Asian Solidarity Conference in Cairo, Egypt.
  11. Van Halen's Debut Album: On November 10th, 1978, Van Halen released their debut album Van Halen, which ultimately became a rock music classic.
  12. President Kennedy's Address at Arlington National Cemetery: On November 10th, 1963, President John F. Kennedy addressed a Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, paying tribute to those who served and sacrificed for their country.
  13. First Long-Distance Call: On November 10th, 1880, the first long-distance telephone call was made between New Haven, Connecticut, and New York City by Alexander Graham Bell.
  14. Microsoft Windows 1.0: On November 10th, 1983, Microsoft announced Windows 1.0, the first version of the Windows operating system, which would eventually become a cornerstone of personal computing.
  15. Hurricane Kate Hits Florida: On November 10th, 1985, Hurricane Kate made landfall in Florida, causing widespread damage and powerful storm surges.
  16. The First Play Recorded in American History: The first play ever recorded in American history, "Ye Bare and Ye Cubb," was performed on November 10th, 1665.
  17. German Single European Market: On November 10th, 1990, Germany celebrated the Single European Market Act, allowing for free movement of goods, services, and people across the European Union.
  18. Last Total Solar Eclipse of the 20th Century: On November 10th, 1972, the last total solar eclipse of the 20th century was visible from the Atlantic Ocean and the United States' northeastern coast.
  19. Birth of British Poet and Novelist Owen Sheers: Owen Sheers, a prominent British poet, novelist, and playwright, was born on November 10th, 1974.
  20. David Schwimmer's Birthday: American actor and director David Schwimmer, best known for his role as Ross Geller in the popular television show "Friends," was born on November 10th, 1966.
  21. International Accounting Day: November 10th is celebrated as International Accounting Day, recognizing the contributions of accountants and the profession's impact on businesses and economies worldwide.
  22. Poppy Appeal: On November 10th, the British Royal Legion's annual Poppy Appeal honors the memory of those who have given their lives for their country by distributing poppies and collecting donations for veterans.
  23. Domino Day: On November 10th, Domino Day is celebrated around the world, featuring demonstrations and events where participants set up and topple massive domino displays.
  24. Death of French Philosopher and Historian Michel Foucault: On November 10th, 1984, Michel Foucault, a prominent French philosopher, and historian passed away.
  25. National Forget-Me-Not Day: November 10th is National Forget-Me-Not Day in the United States, honoring the contributions of military veterans and raising awareness for their support.
  26. British Composer Sir Henry Joseph Wood's Death: Sir Henry Joseph Wood, an influential British conductor and composer known for his association with the Proms, passed away on November 10th, 1944.
  27. Euro Tunnel Opens to Traffic: On November 10th, 1994, the Euro Tunnel, which connects England and France beneath the English Channel, officially opened to traffic.
  28. Birth of Welsh Actor Hugh Grant: Hugh Grant, a popular British actor known for his roles in films like "Four Weddings and a Funeral" and "Notting Hill," was born on November 10th, 1960.