26 fun facts for January, 12

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January 12th is a remarkable day filled with notable events, including the debut of 'Amos 'n' Andy' on radio and the founding of Motown. It commemorates milestones like Hattie Caraway becoming the first woman elected to the U.S. Senate and celebrates diverse events like National Youth Day in India, National Hot Tea Day, and the release of Zopfli by Google.
26 Fun facts
  1. January 12, 1906: British Inventor E.H. Armstrong Patents FM Radio Broadcasting: Edwin H. Armstrong patents his innovative frequency-modulation (FM) radio broadcasting system, significantly improving the quality of radio sound over amplitude modulation (AM) radio.
  2. January 12, 1926: Original Amos 'n' Andy Debut on Chicago Radio: Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll's popular radio show 'Amos 'n' Andy' made its debut on Chicago's WGN radio, eventually becoming one of the most popular radio programs of all time.
  3. January 12, 1932: Hattie W. Caraway Becomes First Woman Elected to the U.S. Senate: Hattie Wyatt Caraway of Arkansas becomes the first female elected to serve in the United States Senate, a milestone in women's political empowerment.
  4. January 12, 1943: Office of Price Administration Announces Shoe Rationing in the U.S.: In response to a wartime need for leather and rubber, the U.S. government's Office of Price Administration announces shoe rationing, limiting consumers to purchase only three pairs of shoes per year.
  5. January 12, 1959: Berry Gordy Jr. Founds Motown Records: Berry Gordy Jr. establishes the iconic American record label Motown, which helps to launch the legendary careers of artists such as Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye.
  6. January 12, 1962: U.S. Begins its First Operation Ranch Hand Mission in Vietnam: In an attempt to expose and destroy communist enemy positions, U.S troops begin the pesticide spray missions known as "Operation Ranch Hand" in the Vietnam War.
  7. January 12, 1966: Batman Debuts on Television: Adam West and Burt Ward star as Batman and Robin in the campy, iconic 1960s TV series 'Batman,' which premieres on this day.
  8. January 12, 1967: First Super Bowl Tickets Go on Sale: Tickets for the first-ever AFL-NFL World Championship Game, later known as the Super Bowl, go on sale starting from $8, now considered highly valuable collector's items.
  9. January 12, 1969: New York Jets Win Super Bowl III: Quarterback Joe Namath and the New York Jets beat the Baltimore Colts in an upset victory in Super Bowl III, confirming the legitimacy of the newly-formed American Football League (AFL).
  10. January 12, 1971: "All in the Family" Premieres on Television: TV show 'All in the Family,' which deals with controversial social and political topics, makes its debut on CBS, eventually becoming one of the greatest TV series in the history of American television.
  11. January 12, 1986: Space Shuttle Columbia Completes its 24th Flight: The Space Shuttle Columbia lands at Edwards Air Force Base in California, completing its historic 24th flight in the United States' shuttle program.
  12. January 12, 1995: Major League Baseball Players Agree to End their Strike: Baseball players agree to end their 232-day strike, the longest work stoppage in the history of professional sports, effectively canceling the 1994 World Series.
  13. January 12, 2004: RMS Queen Mary 2 Embarks on Her Maiden Voyage: At the time the largest ocean liner constructed, the RMS Queen Mary 2 embarks on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.
  14. January 12, 2010: Earthquake Devastates Haiti: A catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake strikes Haiti, destroying much of its capital city, Port-au-Prince, and taking approximately 230,000 lives.
  15. January 12, 2011: Russia Allows Direct Election of Governors: In a shift towards political openness, Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev signs a law allowing for direct election of governors, reversing a policy established by his predecessor, Vladimir Putin.
  16. January 12, 2012: Web Platform Zopfli is Released: Google releases Zopfli, a compression algorithm designed for better web performance, allowing faster loading times and support for devices with limited storage capacity.
  17. January 12, 2015: Scientists Confirm "The Dress" Phenomenon: After a photo of an ambiguously-colored dress becomes an internet sensation, scientists confirm that the phenomenon, known as "The Dress," reveals differences in human color perception.
  18. January 12, 2016: Iran Releases U.S. Navy Sailors: Iran releases 10 U.S. Navy sailors who had inadvertently strayed into Iranian waters, highlighting improved relations between the two countries.
  19. January 12, 2017: World Health Organization Announces Record Low Leprosy Cases: The WHO reports a record low in new leprosy cases, indicating progress in the fight against the chronic infectious disease that affects the skin and nerves.
  20. January 12, 2018: False Missile Alert Panics Hawaii: A false missile alert causes panic across Hawaii after state officials accidentally send an emergency message warning of an imminent nuclear attack.
  21. January 12th is National Pharmacist Day: Celebrated annually in the United States, this day highlights the important role pharmacists play in providing health care, medication counseling, and disease prevention.
  22. January 12th is National Hot Tea Day: Observed annually in the United States, National Hot Tea Day is an occasion for tea enthusiasts to appreciate the diverse flavors and varieties of their favorite beverage.
  23. January 12th is National Youth Day in India: Celebrated on the birthday of Indian philosopher and social reformer Swami Vivekananda, National Youth Day seeks to inspire India's youth to become responsible citizens and contribute to the country's development.
  24. January 12th is World Sketchnote Day: World Sketchnote Day celebrates the power of visual storytelling through sketchnoting, a creative method of taking notes by combining text, images, and diagrams.
  25. January 12th is National Curried Chicken Day: Observed in the United States, this unofficial holiday encourages people to try and appreciate the delicious flavors of this popular Indian-inspired dish, Curried Chicken.
  26. January 12th is National Marzipan Day: This unofficial holiday in the United States highlights the delicious almond-based confection marzipan, enjoyed in many countries worldwide in various delicious forms, shapes, and flavors.