Billy birthday
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How do I change my work anniversary ?

If you want to change your own work anniversary date, you need to go into Billy Birthday's profile in Slack > Home tab and then you'll be able to edit your work anniversary.

Ready to welcome Billy in your workspace?

Available on slackSlack and teams Microsoft Teams


Birthday and work anniversary messages
Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries of your coworkers.
Fun Copywriting
Billy posts warm and fun messages. You can choose to include GIFs.
Opt-out option
Anyone can opt-out from birthdays or work anniversaries if they don't want to be celebrated.
Week-end management
When birthdays happen on week-ends, you can choose to delay the message on the next Monday or to celebrate on Friday.
List of upcoming events
See next events and search for anyone's birthday.
Auto-collection of dates
Billy can reach out to your colleagues to collect their birth dates.
Spreadsheet bulk import
You can import people's dates inside a spreadsheet that we provide.
Private channels
Billy can be added to any public or private channels.
Buddies reminders
Be notified in advance for birthdays and work anniversaries.