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Donut is a well known app for Slack. It's mainly known for its random coffee feature to push people to meet in an organisation. It also provides a feature for birthday and work anniversary celebrations. However, today, we'd like to introduce you to a newer and better option: Billy, the birthday bot.

Created in 2023, Billy offers a modern solution for wishing birthdays with a human touch and a friendly yet professional tone. Unlike BirthdayBot, Billy prioritizes the personal touch over the robotic element, making it the ideal choice for modern companies using Slack to communicate. By using Billy to wish birthdays, you can improve employee recognition and create a more engaging work environment. So, if you want to make your employees feel valued on their special day, choose Billy for an unforgettable birthday celebration!

Billy is 10x cheaper (for 40 people, Billy costs $10 per month whereas $119 for Donut)

We believe that we provide a better service. We also propose a cheaper solution and a longer trial period. Billy's not just 2% cheaper, it is 10 times cheaper than Donut. Trial is not just longer, it's doubled.
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Forget about the bot, meet the human touch

What you don't want to see is a bot posting an automated message. At the contrary, what you want to achieve is to see a warm and fun message that triggers team bonding and reactions. Try Billy.
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It's not just a birthday app. Use Billy to build your company culture.

A simple app like Billy participate on the culture you want to share with your employees. Billy is a great addition to your team in order to set the tone for employee recognition.
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A modern app for modern companies

Premium support (we reply fast, we are real humans), Week-end management to respect your employees by not sending notifications on week-ends. We embrace the new ways of working and provide options to facilitate these.
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Discover how Donut compares with Billy

Enjoy a detailed comparison table about features and pricing
Trial period14 days30 days
Free up to 30 users
Price per user>$3 per user per month$0.25 per user per month
Birthday messages
Work anniversary messages
List of upcoming events
Opt-out option
Week-end management
Auto-collection of dates
Spreadsheet bulk import
Private channels

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