Celebrate birthdays together in Slack

Remote workers need social attention.

Celebrating birthdays is the most simple and quickest way to increase employee recognition

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Why use Billy Birthday bot for Slack?

Your co-workers deserve the best employee experience!

never forget birthday
Never forget a teammate's birthday again
Have you ever felt bad discovering that you forgot a teammate's birthday few days after the date ? Won't happen again with Billy. Wishing a happy birthday is a simple thing, we make it simple for you to do it.
employee engagement
Increase employee engagement and team cohesion
The best effort/impact ratio you can find to increase employee engagement and recognition is to automate birthday and anniversary celebrations. It is cross cultural, cross-religious, cross-generation, cross-timezone etc. And it makes people genuinely happy to receive some positive vibes during this special day.
remote team closer
Distributed teams have never been closer
The way we work has changed. Working remotely and having a distributed team has a lot of advantages, but social events and celebrations need a little more help. We're here to fill the gap and build the Future of work together.
bring some fun
Bring some fun into everyday routine
The celebration messages from Billy really bring a fresh wave into every day work routine. We make sure to have the best copywriting to provide fun yet professional wishes.

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“It’s so fun and nice to see these birthday celebrations.”
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Birthday messages
Celebrate birthdays of your coworkers.
Work anniversary messages
Celebrate work anniversaries of your coworkers
List of upcoming events
See next events and search for anyone's birthday.
Opt-out option
Anyone can opt-out from birthdays or work anniversaries if they don't want to be celebrated.
Week-end management
When birthdays happen on week-ends, you can choose to delay the message on the next Monday or to celebrate on Friday.
Auto-collection of dates
Billy can reach out to your colleagues to collect their birth dates.
Spreadsheet bulk import
You can import people's dates inside a spreadsheet that we provide.
Private channels
Billy can be added to any public or private channels.
Add Billy to any channel you'd like to use for birthday celebrations.

How it works

Everything happens in Slack
connect Slack

Add to Slack

One click secure installation. Then you're taken to a configuration page to select a channel and set things up.
add birthday dates

Birth date collection

Automatically (The bot will ask the users to enter their birth date) or manually (we provide a spreadsheet template for you to enter the dates).
setup finished

You’re all set

The bot will send notifications automatically. You can configure the time and Slack channel via the settings.

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